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For a long time now people have been wary of scammers who use communication avenues such as phones and email. You might have fallen victim to would be scammers who reach out to you in seemingly official capacity seeking rather confidential information such as credit card details, bank account information or even passwords.

What most of us are not yet aware of, however, are commercial envelopes coming in a new format of scams. Unbeknownst to many, scammers are now targeting innocent recipients. They often pretend to be in possession of information that is useful to you.

Their bait is usually set by making the information sound crucial and too important to not have. They may pose as bank officials, government personnel or even representatives of organizations that you actually know and work with. This is why most people fall for these terrible scams.

Junk Mail Scams

Most commercial envelope fraud occurs in the form of junk mail. The reason why most people fall prey to this type of fraud is because it is cleverly devised to represent official communication from reputable companies. Some of these mails include applications for credit cards, fliers, bad cheques, lotteries, notice of inheritance, requests for charity organization donations, sweepstakes and so much more. While some may be genuine mail, most are usually con men and women making an attempt to cheat you of your hard earned money.

Detecting which of these envelopes is genuine is not easy. If at any one time you suspect that the mail you are getting is junk, just bunch it up and throw it in the garbage bin. If you cannot make up your mind then the best thing is to find official numbers of the said organizations and call to verify. Never ever use the contact information on the commercial envelope that you have received.

Reporting Commercial Envelope Scams

The UK government has tried to deal with commercial fraud that comes in envelopes but it is fair to say that the efforts have not been fruitful. Envelope scams still continue and the worst part is that once the scammers have you listed as one of their recipients you may simply never get off the list.

There are two main bodies in the UK to whom you can report commercial envelope fraud. They are;

Citizens advice

Action fraud

Citizens Advice usually reports these scam cases to Trading Standards but after that the trail more or less usually dies out. There is only one fool proof method of protecting yourself against this public ill: be aware of scams comming in commerical envelopes. The more careful and keen you are about the commercial mail you receive, the more you shield yourself from unwanted envelopes that seldom carry good news.

Top Scams That Come In Commercial Envelopes

Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid schemes are an age old trick used by scammers. They can come in many forms including chain letters and selling belts. Such scams come in one of two ways; either with the promise of great reward if you contribute or with dire consequences for you and those you care about if you do not keep the chain moving. Dealing with this is very simple; ignore them.


These will ask you for money in exchange for information about a vision that someone has had about your life. They often include a few easy-to-guess facts that will perk your interest and get you intrigued. Simply realizing that a million others have received the exact same commercial envelope should be incentive enough for you to tear it up.

Lottery Winnings

First of all if you have won the lottery, the organization in question will not be sending mail. They will call you. They will also not ask you to call premium rate numbers so do not fall for this type of scam.

Notification of Inheritance

You may have received official letters notifying you of the demise of a distant relative following which you have received a massive fortune in inheritance. Do not be fooled by official looking addresses, phone numbers or even company logos. The SRA is the correct body to notify in the event that you are not sure about the legitimacy of such a letter. 

In order to avoid getting scammed you must practice a little due diligence of your own. Look up opt-out organizations online that can help you sort out your mail matters. Also, you must pay no attention to commercial envelopes that are unsolicited. Never call back or reply unless you have good reason to. Even then, you have to look for genuine contact information from elsewhere.

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